Change Bank ICO [start 16.09.2017] [ENDED]

Change Bank - payment cryptocurrency card


Change Bank

Bank on the Blockchain

Change Bank Intro
Sep 15 - Kristjan Kangro — CEO of Change Bank — was live on BBC World News in Singapore, discussing the current regulatory landscape of cryptocurrencies in China and the future of Change after raising US$ 10 million in 24 hours
Sep 21 Kristjan was live on ChannelNewsAsia, where he shared our vision on the future of cryptocurrencies, and explained how Change fits into that future.
Interview with the founder and CEO of Change-Bank. This will be the first bank on the blockchain

In one word: This is a very interesting cryptocurrency project we as a BHHunters Team decided to invest into it! We invested in the Bank on the blockchain.

Change Bank wants to connect digital world (cryptocurrencies) with the mainstream world (FIAT world)

His team is working on day and night, to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses, to actually let them pay with cryptocurrencies, let them use financial services with cryptocurrencies.

Change Bank will have many services regarding cryptocurrencies (just like Bankera we presented recently). It'll be possible to directly convert your FIAT currency into cryptocurrency etc.

Look at the Team with huge experience.

TO BUY Change Bank tokens, SIGN UP with the link below and follow the instructions:

(payment option: Ethereum ETH, don't have? here you can buy)


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